How Group Buying Helps Indian B2B Business


Indian business owners always thrive to get products for a lesser price to get more profit so they will buy in bulk and sell to their customers. Some vendors used to make the payment on time so the distributor or manufacturer will give huge discounts and priority to that vendor. The same scenario is applicable to giant supermarket chains.

D-mart is an example to explain it better, D-mart buys a large quantity from the manufacturer since they have branches all over the nation and used to make the payment within a very short time to the manufacturer, D-mart gets additional discounts hence D-mart can able to sell for the lesser price than any other competitor in the market.

Distributors, wholesalers and retailers are trying so hard to get their product as much lesser as possible from their contacts, traders, resellers or through any other portal like IndiaMART. Even though they cannot able to get it for the lowest price because of the quantity and credit issues.

Retailers will go for a credit system only when they wanted to buy in bulk and procure for the sake of Rs.1 – Rs.2 lesser price. instead, multiple retailers with the same nature of the business can buy it together so everyone will get it for the least price.

How CIFO Global helps to achieve it?

We created a platform where the manufacturers and distributors can join hands with us to sell more products regularly with a zero credit system.

Even retailers do not need to buy in bulk and struck with credit instead they can buy their required quantity for a very lesser price.

so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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